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Club Fitting

Investing in your first set of clubs or a new driver is exciting and many people purchase clubs from their local retailer without realising the importance of having clubs that suit them. Custom golf club fitting improves your game by creating custom golf clubs that are built for your specific swing and style of play.


Depending on your ability and skill level every golfer’s requirements for club fitting change;


Beginner – A high handicapper who needs help getting the golf ball in the air, down the fairway and on the green, and who needs the most forgiving golf equipment they can find.


Intermediate – A middle handicapper who needs forgiving golf equipment to help make up for their occasional inconsistencies and to enhance their distance and accuracy.


Professional – A low handicapper seeking premium golf equipment that enhances their performance while providing the kind of keen feedback and workability they prefer.


At Moore Golf, you will be custom fitted by Willie Moore’s expertise and analysed using Flightscope Technology. Flightscope Technology is a measurement system (like a golf launch monitor) used in golf that provides an actual measurement of balls and clubs and quantitative data on player and equipment performance.


Flightscope provides insight into areas such as; attack angle, swing direction, club path, face angle, swing plane, spin loft, smash factor, club speed, ball speed, spin rate, launch angle, dynamic loft, carry distance and launch direction. The analysis of these different areas helps customers to be accurately fitted to the right clubs for their style.

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